Electoral Power Building

Building Electoral Power in LA: 2024 & Beyond

February 27, 2024
By Andres Magaña

At our recent Building Electoral Power in LA: 2024 & Beyond event, we welcomed donor activists to a special conversation with frontline organizers and leaders to discuss our long-running Liberty Vote! initiative and the grassroots work being done by grantee partners to engage, educate, and empower LA voters this election cycle and into the future.

In this exploration using Measure J as a case study, panelists delved into how the measure can serve as a valuable example during an election year to bolster local campaigns with a focus on housing, youth development, alternatives to incarceration, and various aspects of social justice work.

The discussion moderated by Liberty Hill Senior Vice President of Programs, Julio Marcial, featured insights from Ivette Ale-Ferlito, Executive Director and Co-Founder of La Defensa, and Ivan Hernandez, Steering Committee Member with Pomona Kids First.

Through the conversation, the panel shed light on the success of a campaign that extends beyond a mere ballot victory, emphasized the crucial phases of implementation and the potential for replicating these successes across diverse communities.

Watch the full recording above and learn more about our Liberty Vote! priorities and our work to engage Los Angeles voters by visiting our Electoral Power Building page.