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David White & The Vision Behind Susan’s Circle

August 27, 2020
By raymond

Liberty Hill Donor Activist and SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director, David White is no stranger to activism. He leads the world’s largest entertainment union, representing more than 160,000 diverse members worldwide who work in fields of film, television, commercials, music, video games and emerging media. He is committed to ensuring his union’s rich history of fighting for the strongest protections for media artists continues. And he is also committed to the work of social justice and Liberty Hill. 

David and his late wife Susan Watanabe joined the Liberty Hill community several years ago and became dedicated supporters of the movement for progressive change in Los Angeles. Susan, a television writer, activist and self-described 'connector-catalyst' of emerging Black leaders in Los Angeles, was known for her humor and lively commentary on people, politics and pop culture. She was committed to making the world a safer and more humane village for the next generation. 

Today, David continues Susan’s legacy through Susan’s Circle, a special fund set up in her honor to ensure the critical work towards a just future continues.

“We sit in a particularly dark period, but it’s in dark times that we remember who we are as progressives and as activists and find a way to tap into our power. And I’m very optimistic about Liberty Hill’s role in that process.”
—David White

The Liberty Hill family is honored to have known Susan and to have counted her as a friend and supporter.

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