Donor Activism

Donor Activist Spotlight: Paula Litt

October 27, 2023
By Andres Magaña

Since 1988, Paula Litt has been an instrumental part of the Liberty Hill Community. Fueled by her passion for social justice, she first became involved as a member of the Foundation’s Funding Board and later on, as a member of the Liberty Hill Board of Directors.

Paula’s dedication to helping support frontline community organizations eventually led to her serving as a staff volunteer—as both Chief Administration Office Manager for several years and Director of Donor Advised Programs.

However, Paula’s generosity and love for Liberty Hill does not end there. For years, Paula has been involved in Liberty Hill’s fundraising committee, philanthropic programs, and has helped with the planning of our signature fundraiser, the Upton Sinclair Celebration.

After 35 years, Paula is retiring from Liberty Hill’s Board of Directors. As she transitions out of her role, Paula leaves behind an everlasting impact and unforgettable legacy.

Thank you, Paula, for making Liberty Hill a thriving force in Los Angeles and beyond!

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Donor Activism