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Healing Justice Training Program Builds Capacity & Hope

December 16, 2021
By Maggie Mireles

Healing Justice is a movement that aims to address widespread generational trauma by responding with traditional holistic healing practices and building new, more inclusive ones. The purpose of these peer convenings is to create space for organizations to come together, build community, share their growing expertise, and support the healing and well-being of organizational leaders and their teams as they commit to long-term power-building and organizing work.

This year, as part of our commitment to supporting emerging organizations, we developed our Rising Activist strategy to target small, but mighty community-based organizations working to change policies and practices that advance social justice through community organizing. These partners—many of them based in areas with little existing organizing infrastructure—have small teams and annual budgets of less than $500k.

A crucial part of our Rising Activist strategy is developing capacity strengthening programs that invest in the sustainability and growth of these partner organizations. That’s why we launched our first series of Healing Justice Convenings this Fall—set to run through March of 2022—with our first cohort of 15 organizations.

These Healing Justice Convenings are integral to our work because we realize that you can’t build organizational capacity without addressing the health and wellness of the people doing the work. We are partnering with facilitator, Diana Zúñiga, of Tres Lunas Consulting to create space for organizers and movement leaders to learn from one another and share best practices for actively working on healing the wounds of internal, interpersonal, institutional and ideological oppression.

Taking the space and time to focus on Healing Justice ensures that all aspects of the work we do is aligned with our values.