Grantee Spotlight,LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Honoring PRIDE All Year Long

June 23, 2022
By Courtney Kassel

LGBTQ and Gender Justice have always been at the center of our work. Liberty Hill’s ongoing commitment to LGBTQ justice is a cornerstone of our Agenda for a Just Future. This June, Liberty Hill honors the many contributions of the LGBTQ community and stands in solidarity with LGBTQ organizers and activists fighting for a more just future.

As we push forward in our fight for LGBTQ and Gender Justice, youth and transformative justice, economic and housing justice, and environmental and climate justice, Liberty Hill stands with the LGBTQ individuals who are leading these fights.

Los Angeles arrests and detains more young people than anywhere else in the nation, and queer youth of color are vastly overrepresented in the youth justice system. In the midst of L.A.’s housing crisis, queer communities also face greater threats of housing instability and homelessness. Meanwhile, neighborhood oil drilling is a threat to the health of all Angelenos, especially those in low-income communities of color.

Now more than ever, it is critical we continue to fund and build the capacity of LGBTQ groups led by people of color as we strive to build a more just future for all.

This Pride Month, we acknowledge the fights for LGBTQ rights happening at the intersections of many social justice struggles and salute the organizers and activists working to build a more just and inclusive world.

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Yue Begay of Indigenous Pride Los Angeles

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Lorri L. Jean, CEO of Los Angeles LGBTQ Center

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