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If We Want to Win: VP of Strategic Partnerships Authors Book Chapter

December 16, 2021
By Courtney Kassel

Our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Julio Marcial has authored a chapter about transforming the nation’s youth justice system for Latine Future’s new book, “If We Want to Win: A Latine Vision for a New American Democracy” published by The New Press.

The book has been described as an urgent, provocative collection of essays from Latinx thought leaders heralding a more inclusive vision of America’s future.

Check out the new book here.

It brings together 20 leading figures involved in issues that affect that Latinx community to lay out a vision for the future of American democracy, drawing on their experience in areas ranging from the arts, youth justice, women's rights, and education, to environmental justice, racism, human rights, immigration, technology, and philanthropy.

For Julio, this issue goes beyond his role at Liberty Hill, which has provided him an inside look into the broken criminal legal system that has harmed so many youth and people of color. Julio’s experience of having an older brother and sister, as well as a younger niece and nephew, in and out of jail and prison has also provided an insider’s lens into the ways that systems fail our most vulnerable.

Read more of his insights here.

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