Youth & Transformative Justice

Lead Capacity Builder Request for Proposal

March 21, 2019
By Anonymous (not verified)

Program Overview:

Liberty Hill Foundation (Liberty Hill) and California Community Foundation (CCF) have launched a Public/Private Partnership (P/PP) with the Los Angeles County Probation Department. This collaboration will expand opportunities and resources for programs that keep vulnerable youth out of the criminal justice system and help those in the system transition back into the community.

The community-based organizations working to keep youth out of the criminal justice system are also tackling complex, systemic issues, often with few resources to build their own capacity to do this work. Liberty Hill, in partnership with CCF, is trying to address this gap through the P/PP by providing a capacity-building program focusing specifically on developing organizational core competencies, such as self- assessment, goal setting, leadership development, financial and data management, and community engagement, through a racial equity lens. Additionally, the aim of this partnership is to build the long-term capacity of community-based organizations to apply for public resources without intermediary support.

Opportunity Overview:

The following request for proposal is to hire a lead capacity building contractor (agency, team, or individual) to build the capacity building infrastructure that will offer assessment, coaching, training, and cohort-based peer learning opportunities to the direct service provider grantees that will be funded by this P/PP. Liberty Hill seeks a dynamic partner that will serve in this capacity, in addition to acting as a thought partner as we launch this innovative partnership.

Liberty Hill defines capacity building as the funding and technical assistance to help nonprofits increase specific capacities to deliver stronger programs, take risks, build connections, innovate and iterate.

To learn more about this opportunity download the Request for Proposal.

All applications should be submitted by March 20th at 5 p.m. to