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Liberty Hill Launches Rapid Response Fund For Racial Justice

June 24, 2020
By raymond

Liberty Hill is committed to ensuring we continue to use our financial resources to support Black-led organizing and the activists on the frontlines. We are committed to using our voice to promote anti-racist policies and amplify the voices of those screaming for justice. And we are committed to supporting and promoting Black community leaders who have the vision and fortitude to go the distance in this fight.

Recent events are a painful reminder of just how critical the fight for justice continues to be in our nation. Despite gross underfunding, Black organizations have been able to make major progress in a variety of areas over the years. 

Now we have an opportunity to join together as donor-activists to make commitments to funding grassroots organizations working to end anti-Black racism and state-sanctioned violence. 

Liberty Hill’s Rapid Response Fund for Racial Justice supports community organizations that are pressing for urgently needed police accountability and a renewed commitment to racial justice in Los Angeles, with a focus on Black communities. The purpose of this fund is to address the root causes leading to racial violence and accelerate the momentum created by organizers on the ground. Support the Fund Today!

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