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Liberty Hill Statement on Family Separation

June 20, 2018
By Shane Goldsmith

Liberty Hill Supporter,

Like many other people across the nation, I went home every night this last week to hug my children a little tighter, feeling extreme sorrow for those families who were denied the same opportunity by our government.

As news starts to come in about an executive order that would put a stop to family separation, I remain attentively concerned about what might come next. However, I am also deeply inspired by the volume of voices across Los Angeles and the nation who made it clear that family separation would not be accepted under our name. While the reversal of this inhumane practice points to the strength of our people power, we still have so much more to fight for in these times, when our values are under attack by Washington.

At Liberty Hill, we proudly support grassroots leaders who are on the frontlines of the struggle for justice, both nationally and right here at home. Many of the groups we support have been fighting back every time this administration has put our immigrant communities under attack. This last week has been a heartbreaking and exhausting experience for everyone in our community. Now more than ever we must come together to support one another, to participate in the fight for justice, and to make clear that the endless cycle of outrageous news will not take our focus off the push for a more just America.

For those who are looking for ways to help, our partners and grantees will protest family separation by participating in a statewide action along the border from June 22 – 24. For those interested in helping closer to home, donating to our Rapid Response Fund for Young Immigrant Children will directly support local families in need of legal or other services, and families experiencing distress, trauma and fear of separation due to attacks on immigrant communities. Many resources are also listing organizations you can support and direct actions you can take to help reunite families.

As always, Liberty Hill stands in solidarity—with the immigrants seeking refuge and a better life. With the activists fighting for more humane immigration policies. With our community members, who are outraged and appalled. And with every Angeleno and American who believes that the current administration does not represent what our nation stands for.


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Shane Murphy Goldsmith
Liberty Hill Foundation