Economic & Housing Justice

Liberty Hill Supports #YesOn10

September 13, 2018
By Anonymous (not verified)

For over 40 years, Liberty Hill Foundation has supported the tenants’ right movement. From funding tenants’ organizing in Pasadena and Long Beach in 1977, to supporting successful campaigns for rent stabilization in the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica in 1979 and winning against discriminatory landlords, Liberty Hill has long been an ally in the fight for housing justice. Now, we are taking another step forward in that fight by endorsing and sponsoring Proposition 10. 

"I know firsthand the impact of rent stabilization, because it’s what saved my family from homelessness as a child. Rent stabilization policies in Santa Monica protected us from sharp rent increases, which made it possible for us to stay in our community where neighbors and friends could lend a hand. Rent stabilization doesn’t just have an impact on individuals and families, though. More importantly is creates the stability and security communities need to thrive. This is why we are working with communities across the state in support of Prop 10 to repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act."
Shane Murphy Goldsmith
President and CEO

California is famous for its sunny skies and sandy beaches, but increasingly it is becoming known for skyrocketing rents and widespread homelessness, especially Southern California. In fact, Los Angeles has not only the largest unsheltered homeless population in the nation, but the single most unaffordable housing market when comparing housing costs with income.

This November, Proposition 10 gives us the opportunity to repeal the long-standing Costa Hawkins Rental Act. If repealed, cities and counties across the state will be able to enact new policies that create stability by keeping rents affordable and predictable, while also limiting displacement. Multiple strategies are needed to address our housing shortage, but rent stabilization is a critical tool, which offers immediate relief from skyrocketing housing costs, especially for low-income residents and communities of color in gentrifying neighborhoods.

Today, we are proud to announce a $100,000 contribution to the Yes on 10 campaign efforts.
In addition to endorsing and contributing to campaigns for Proposition 10, Liberty Hill is continuing to build tenant power through grantmaking, leadership training and alliance building.

Learn more about Proposition 10 and about Liberty Hill’s housing justice work as part of our Agenda for a Just Future.