The Agenda for a Just Future

Time and time again, Los Angeles has been at the frontlines of the fight for social justice, and Liberty Hill has been engaged when and where the struggle is most intense.


The Fight for Justice Begins in Los Angeles.

Liberty Hill’s Agenda for a Just Future is a five-year campaign that seeks to tackle key areas of injustice and find long-term solutions to make L.A. the just and equitable place we know it can be. We have to pick our fights and Liberty Hill picks our youth, our homes, and our health.

With this Agenda for a Just Future, we will:

End youth incarceration as we know it in L.A. County and build a new youth development system.
Fight for a roof over every head and expand tenants rights.
Eliminate toxic neighborhood oil drilling and stop the pollution that is endangering the health of hundreds of thousands of Angelenos.

Our Impact in 2022

New L.A. County Department of Youth Development
Stay Housed L.A. program reaching more than 1 Million tenants to prevent eviction
ordinance to phase out oil drilling throughout L.A. City and County

Ending Youth Incarceration As We Know It

Key area of injustice: More young people are incarcerated or under law enforcement supervision in L.A. County than in any other jurisdiction in the nation.

Impact Icons_Youth Incarceration.png

  • $75M divested from punishment systems and redirected to youth development programs
  • Established new LA County Youth Development Department
  • Youth arrests down 31%*
  • Youth incarceration down 52%*
  • Closed half of LA’s youth jails (9)*
  • Raised more than $4M+ for Our Kids, Our Future fund*

Fighting for a Roof Over Every Head

Key area of injustice: Los Angeles has the nation's largest unsheltered homeless population.

Impact Icons_Roof Over Every Head.png

  • Launched Stay Housed L.A. County program, reaching over 1 Million tenants to prevent eviction, in partnership with LA County and 20 community organizations
  • Won permanent rent stabilization in 6 jurisdictions*
  • Passed temporary emergency eviction protections and rent caps in 15+ cities throughout LA County

Eliminating Toxic Neighborhood Oil Drilling

Key area of injustice: Los Angeles is the largest urban oil field in America..

Impact Icons_Oil Drilling.png

  • LA City Council drafted a motion to phase out oil drilling throughout the City
  • Culver City voted to end drilling in Inglewood Oil Field
  • Expanded emPOWER program to provide critical access to environmental subsidies and resources to residents in highly polluted neighborhoods
  • Public Health Councils: Grantee-partners conducted 594 site visits in industry sectors that have elevated risks to COVID in the workplace (Restaurant, Warehousing and Storage, Garment Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, and Groceries)

*Progress since 2017 when we launched Agenda for a Just Future

We do this not because we want to, but because we have to. Our lives depend on it.
Nizgui Gomez
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