Donor Spotlight

NextGen Giving Circle Donor Activist: Ernesto Arias

September 29, 2023
By Andres Magaña

Liberty Hill donor activists put their passion into action to help make Los Angeles a more just and equitable place for all. In this issue of News from the Frontlines, we’re dedicating our Donor Spotlight to a remarkable NextGen Giving Circle donor activist—Ernesto Arias!

Ernesto’s involvement in the Liberty Hill community is rooted in his passion for social justice and his dedication to serving the community. Born and raised in South Central L.A., Ernesto grew up seeing the effects of racial and economic injustices firsthand. Today, Ernesto uses the experiences from his upbringing to guide his philanthropic giving—supporting social causes close to his heart such as housing and economic justice.

As a new member of Liberty Hill’s NextGen Giving Circle, Ernesto has found a community of like-minded donor activists. “We have so many critical issues in this city,” said Ernesto. “Having a group where we can come together and really focus on those issues and evaluate those issues and get speakers to come on board and educate us so we can make informed decisions as to where we are going to divert our money—I thought, this is an opportunity I really can’t pass up.”

Ernesto looks forward to continuing his giving and donor activism through the NextGen Giving Circle–supporting the circle’s work to transform systems through the collective support of local nonprofit organizations.

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