Grantee Spotlight,LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Pride Grantee Highlight: Indigenous Pride L.A.

June 28, 2023
By Andres Magaña

During our special Pride Month edition of Grantee Highlights, we highlighted Liberty Hill community partners and grantees that are leading the charge and advancing the movement for LGBTQ+ and Gender Justice in L.A.

One of those highlights included a Liberty Hill grantee whose mission is to unite Indigenous people from across Indigenous communities and educate and celebrate Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, and LGBTQPAI+ diversity– Indigenous Pride L.A.!

Since 2018, Indigenous Pride L.A. has provided several education programs and resources for community members throughout Los Angeles. They’ve created and hosted local events to celebrate Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, and LGBTQPAI+ communities including creating L.A.’s first and only Indigenous Pride Event!

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