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Statements on the Chauvin Verdict

May 1, 2021
By Raymond

Today, the Liberty Hill Community is heartened to learn of the guilty verdicts that have been handed down in the murder case of George Floyd

Our hearts are with the Floyd family—who suffered an immeasurable loss with a loved one taken from them in violence and too soon—and with the family of Daunte Wright, who was murdered not ten days ago.

We appreciate, not only the jurors who served, but also the witnesses who testified under intense scrutiny to see truth prevail, including the young woman—with just a cellphone—who stood stoically through a moment of extreme trauma to show the world the truth. We would not be where we are today without her bravery and foresight.

Our hearts are with a world that rose up in rage and tears to demand an end to white supremacy and to police killings of Black and Brown people. 

We know the rage, tears and injustice do not end with this verdict. Real justice means dismantling the system that has enabled these murders. We know there is still much work left to do.

That’s why our hearts are also with the organizers who work tirelessly every day to realize our collective vision of a world that replaces jail with care, youth incarceration with youth development, and violence with justice and peace. 

George Floyd should be alive today. Let’s keep the movement for change going to ensure that no other family has to suffer this kind of loss and indignity.

The Executive Leadership Team
Liberty Hill Foundation

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