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Beyond the Grant Period: Liberty Hill Turns Dollars Into Lasting Change

By Roni Hooper, Liberty Hill Director of Foundation & Government Grants

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Foundation program officers make difficult decisions every day to get the most impact out of every dollar. Our philanthropic supporters have learned that Liberty Hill can help ease that burden. Liberty Hill leverages our revenue to create systemic change that outlasts any typical grant period and always centers the priorities of low-income communities of color. Below are just a few examples.

With grants given to the Our Kids, Our Future Fund, Liberty Hill supported youth advocacy groups who took on the Los Angeles County Probation Department and won: half of youth jails and camps closed, and the County Board of Supervisors created the Department of Youth Development.

A handful of faithful funders of Liberty Hill’s STAND-LA (Standing Together Against Neighborhood Drilling-LA) program have been providing unwavering support to community organizers for more than 10 years to stop neighborhood oil drilling. Despite big oil’s deep pockets, both the City and County of LA passed motions to phase out oil drilling.

Through grants to our housing justice programs, private philanthropy is fighting against the prevailing notion that homelessness is intractable. Grant money supports advocates who have been instrumental in: the passage of the United to House LA measure; pending right to counsel motions at the city and county levels; and an extension of Stay Housed LA until 2025.

What is Liberty Hill’s role in these efforts?

  • We cultivate deep trust with approximately 1,700 leaders and more than 300 organizations.
  • We build power in low-income communities of color that are closest to the pain of injustice.
  • We honor persistence by resourcing those who are fighting legal battles, monitoring implementation of policies, and holding leaders accountable.
  • We nurture a network of advocates across geographies, issues areas, and sectors, allowing groups to engage in peer learning and planning that coalesce into county-wide movements.
  • We customize training programs for cohorts of leaders who are at similar stages of their individual and organizational development. The participants develop trusting relationships, and maintain lasting, supportive connections.

Liberty Hill values our partnerships with all our funders who understand the impact of the work we do as an anchor organization in Los Angeles.

Together we can build power in communities most impacted by systemic oppression to achieve justice and equity.

When power shifts, transformative change is right around the corner.

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