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Evelyn Boone


I believe that everyone is important in maintaining a civil and just society. From early in my career, that belief has driven me to mentor and empower young people to take an active role in positively impacting their academic, professional and social environment. Which is why I am proud to be a part of Liberty Hill Foundation, an organization that is a leader in advocating for youth justice and all forms of social justice.

As Controller, Evelyn brings 35 years of experience managing, analyzing and reporting financial and operational results, managing finance teams and implementing financial systems, processes and policies.  Prior to joining Liberty Hill, Evelyn was Senior Accounting Manager, NCR Corporation, Corporate, Americas and GSL General Ledger and Reporting and Inventory and Revenue Accounting, where she managed the financial accounting and reporting activities and processes for all of NCR’s Americas 53 subsidiaries, totaling over $5 billion in revenue.