Team / Sonya Glover

Sonya Glover

Senior Manager of Events

In the late 70’s when families from South Los Angeles were offered the opportunity for a better education, their children were “bussed” outside of their communities to attend school. As a young child, I remember sitting on the school bus excited about attending my new junior high school, William Mulholland in Van Nuys. Upon arriving at the school, we were met by a mob of angry parents protesting and attacking the bus as it pulled up to the school. We spent five days sitting on that bus before being allowed into the classrooms and were instructed to never walk alone on campus, always travel with a friend. Reflecting on that experience has fueled my passion to affect change, fight for equality and participate in the great work that is being done by Liberty Hill. In 1978, my parents’ only desire was for their children to receive a good education. And shouldn’t that be offered equally to everyone anywhere?

Sonya began her nonprofit journey in 2009, after being laid-off from her 25 year career in the private insurance industry. She decided it was time for her to give back and did so by joining the Los Angeles Urban League, supporting their programs that provided low income families with the services and training they needed to be successful. Sonya’s passion has led her to the Liberty Hill Foundation where she’s eager to help change the L.A. landscape and work with grassroots organizations to ensure that all people have equal rights and the opportunity to thrive.