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Announcing Our Liberation Fund Grantee Partners

October 27, 2023
By Andres Magaña

Liberty Hill is excited to announce our grantee partners for the Liberation Fund – a groundbreaking initiative to end the incarceration of girls and gender-expansive youth in Los Angeles County!

The Liberation Fund grant program will support the work of community-based organizations that prioritize the unique experiences of Black, Brown, and Indigenous girls of color and gender expansive youth in Los Angeles County. Together, Liberation Fund grantees will co-create strategies for the advancement, leadership development, and power-building of local girls and gender expansive youth.

Introducing Our Liberation Fund Grantee Partners!

  • A New Way of Life
  • Alliance for Girls
  • Arts for Healing & Justice Network
  • Beloved Youth
  • Khmer Girls in Action
  • National Center for Youth Law
  • New Village Girls Academy
  • Spirit Awakening Foundation
  • Students Deserve
  • Young Women’s Freedom Center 

Our newly selected Liberation Fund grantees will work collaboratively to develop and implement a “Strategy to Win” and a blueprint to provide pathways for girls and gender expansive youth to fully secure their rights to safety, housing, education, health, and wellness.

"I remember so vividly the moment one of our partners shared their vision for true liberation — not just opening the doors of the cages, not just freedom from an oppressive system,” said Liberty Hill President and CEO Shane Murphy Goldsmith. “They shared a vision of freedom to pursue their dreams, feel safe and loved, breathe clean air, have a roof over their heads, and have the resources for self-determination and collective struggle."

Liberty Hill is committed to community-led initiatives like the Liberation Fund and will continue to invest in grantmaking opportunities that directly and rapidly respond to emerging needs from the frontlines.

To learn more about the Liberation Fund initiative, click here.

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