Environmental & Climate Justice

Environmental + Justice Donor Circle Grantee Announcement

January 29, 2024
By Andres Magaña

This year, Liberty Hill’s Environmental + Justice Donor Circle raised $200,000 in unrestricted operating grants which will be awarded to 10 organizations working at the frontlines of the environmental justice movement. The funding will be distributed evenly amongst the organizations and will help advance the giving circle’s priority issues to stop oil drilling in LA, advance environmental justice for Native American and Indigenous populations, and create a healthy built environment from the ports of LA to the Inland Empire.

Check out the list of this year’s Environmental + Justice Donor Circle grantees below!

Thank you to all the Environmental + Justice Donor Circle members for your commitment to advancing environmental justice in LA and helping make this year’s grantmaking a huge success! Together, the 37-member giving circle was able to make a huge collective impact, proving that people power of all kinds can fuel progress!

Click here to learn more about the donor circle and how you can join!