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Environmental News Roundup

January 30, 2019
By Crystal Shaw

In the fight to end neighborhood oil drilling across Los Angeles’ communities, every small victory is worth celebrating, and every campaign move is an opportunity to highlight the public health challenges that communities face. Liberty Hill’s network of donor-activists, on-the-ground activists and coalition leaders make our environmental justice work possible, so we wanted to keep you updated on the latest campaign news.

Liberty Hill takes the fossil fuel pledge!

In accordance with our dedication to fighting climate change and our belief in a greener future, we have proudly taken the Fossil Fuel Free pledge. As part of the pledge, Liberty Hill commits to freeze immediately any new investments in fossil fuels, and within five years to divest from any funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds. Although only a small portion of Liberty Hill’s investment portfolio contains exposure to energy companies, we believe that divestment is the best way for us to fully drive our environmental justice mission forward, and fight for a clean and healthy Los Angeles for all.

Victory in South Los Angeles

Demands from South Los Angeles community activists to enforce stricter rules for an oil production site adjacent to homes and schools were sustained by a City commission. The move overrides objections made by the company that runs the Jefferson Boulevard facility. This is a huge step for STAND-L.A. and local residents who are pushing for an end to neighborhood oil drilling. Read more about that in the Los Angeles Times.

Advocate for our shores and our communities

Earlier this month the Trump administration announced a proposal to open California’s coastal waters to off-shore oil and gas drilling. The announcement sparked immediate backlash up and down the coast from opposition that included Governor Jerry Brown. We are glad to hear renewed conversations about the dangers and risks of oil drilling, but we know this issue isn’t limited to our shores. It’s happening here in L.A.’s backyards. Liberty Hill supports community residents as they push for the political power needed to put protections in place to keep Angelenos safe from the dangerous effects to human health that oil drilling next to homes, schools and churches causes.

Pushing for environmental leadership in Sacramento

Liberty Hill joined 30 environmental and public interests groups in a call to Governor Brown demanding a climate change strategy that includes a plan to limit new oil development. The groups noted that Brown has articulately vowed to fight the White House’s attempts to open the California coast to offshore drilling in federal waters, and called for the governor to move immediately to freeze approval of any new wells in the state’s existing offshore oil leases. They also asked the Governor to stop any additional oil well development in the state.

Celebrating MLK and social justice

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jenny Delwood and Michele Prichard, who serve as Liberty Hill’s Executive Vice President and Director of Common Agenda joined STAND-L.A. in the Kingdom Day Parade. They marched in support of environmental justice and an end to neighborhood oil drilling. With signs that read “We deserve environmental justice!” and “Stand Up to Big Oil,” it was a chance for Liberty Hill to stand in solidarity with STAND L.A. and the communities they represent at the intersections of environmental justice and racial justice. 

Liberty Hill will continue to lead in the fight for environmental justice in Los Angeles, because every Angeleno deserves clean, healthy neighborhoods. Liberty Hill is committed to environmental justice as part of our Agenda for a Just Future, which also includes policy goals around housing and youth justice. To support the environmental advocates fighting on the frontlines of change, you can make a donation here.