LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Liberation Fund Funder Briefing

March 28, 2024
By Andres Magaña

At our recent Liberation Fund Funder Briefing, Liberty Hill invited individual donors, funders, and advisors to learn about the progress of our Liberation Fund and the potential pathway the initiative is creating for LA County to become the largest jurisdiction in the nation to end the incarceration of girls and gender-expansive youth.

In a conversation facilitated by Liberty Hill Director of Youth & Transformative Justice, Lisa Small, the briefing shared profound data, lived experiences, and solutions that inextricably connect housing, economic instability, and gender violence to juvenile justice outcomes.

Guest panelists included Dani Kim, Co-Founder of Organizing Roots, Tia Martinez, Managing Director at Organizing Roots, Ka’Lee Matthews, Liberation Fund Fellow with Young Women’s Freedom Center, and Abigail Richards, Co-Executive Director of Young Women’s Freedom Center. 

Speakers delved into the collaborative work to reach and sustain full decarceration of girls and gender expansive youth in LA County and explored the current work that Liberation Fund partners are leading to create a blueprint that can be adapted and replicated across the U.S.

The blueprint will be released in June of this year, with a participatory grantmaking process ushering in the full implementation of this plan over the next 3-5 years.

In a call to action, Liberty Hill’s Lisa Small reiterated, “We’re standing on the shoulders of giants, this work has been in motion, and we as philanthropy have the opportunity to support and sustain this work.”

Learn more about our Liberation Fund Funder Briefing and to learn how you can get involved in supporting our Liberation Fund initiative.