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Liberty Hill is Proud to Endorse Two Local Ballot Measures: United to House L.A. and Pasadena Rent Control

October 31, 2022
By Courtney Kassel

Liberty Hill is proud to endorse Measure ULA for the November 8th City of Los Angeles ballot.

As pandemic-era tenant restrictions continue to be peeled away and evictions begin to climb back up to pre-pandemic levels and beyond, powerful housing solutions such as legal services and rent subsidies could prevent the most vulnerable Angelenos from falling into homelessness. Accelerating the purchase and construction of supportive housing could help get people off the streets and into safe, long-term homes quickly and efficiently—if funded.

Liberty Hill and our community partners have been deeply engaged across Los Angeles city and county, advocating for more protections and helping tenants get the assistance they need.

We’re proud to collaborate with the Stay Housed L.A. program, which provides tenants the information and legal services they need to stay in their homes. Stay Housed L.A. has helped thousands of tenants over the last two years—but our legal services providers and tenant organizers are sounding the alarm that the need has begun to outstrip the available resources.

That’s why Voting YES on Measure ULA is so important.

Measure ULA would raise an estimated $875 million per year for 10 years for rapid assistance to those at risk of homelessness, including low-income seniors and people with disabilities.

It would be funded by a real estate transfer tax that would be paid only on property sales of $5 million or more, affecting a very small percentage of participants in a very hot real estate market.

For example, only 3% of property sales between March 2019 and March 2020 would have been subjected to this tax. It includes the most robust citizens’ oversight and transparency in LA City history, to be led by housing and service providers and people who have experienced homelessness.

We estimate that these funds would create more than 26,000 homes for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness over the next decade, help roughly 475,000 renters stay in their homes each year, and generate about 44,000 good paying construction jobs.

If you’ve supported Liberty Hill’s Agenda for a Just Future, you know how deep our commitment is to Fighting for a Roof Over Every Head. For that, Measure ULA is vital to that effort.

Please join Liberty Hill and a broad coalition of Los Angeles community neighborhood organizations, labor unions, community members, and many of our grantee partners in supporting Measure ULA.

To learn more about Measure ULA and how you can support, visit

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Stay Housed LA

Liberty Hill is proud to endorse Measure H—The Pasadena Fair And Equitable Housing Charter Amendment for the November 8th ballot.

Measure H is an initiative on the November ballot that would limit annual rent increases and pass new eviction protections in Pasadena. Currently nearly 58% of households in Pasadena are renters, and many are facing enormous financial pressure to keep up with rent hikes. Officials estimate that nearly 56% of the local residents in the Pasadena area are paying more than the recommended 30% of their household income on housing.

Measure H would limit annual rent increases to once a year, capping any increase to 75% of inflation of the prior year. It will also introduce “just cause” eviction protections requiring landlords to provide a specific, just cause for an eviction.

A coalition of tenant-led organizations have been fighting for fair and equitable rent in Pasadena for years. Through countless hours knocking on doors, calling neighbors, and building power they are closer to winning permanent protections than ever before. Liberty Hill has supported organizers in Pasadena through the work of the SoCal Rent Control Solidarity Group, where organizers from across the county come together to share strategies and tactics to win rent control.

We hope to see Pasadena join the ranks of other successful campaigns from the Solidarity Group, including Bell Gardens, Inglewood, and Unincorporated Los Angeles.

To learn more about Measure H and how you can support visit