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Liberty Hill Welcomes New Board Members As Longtime Champions Retire

January 28, 2021
By raymond

Liberty Hill Foundation is guided by and draws strength from a vibrant and dedicated group of volunteer Board members who represent all parts of the social justice ecosystem of Los Angeles, including individual donor activists, philanthropy sector professionals, academics and other experts, as well as community organizers and members of the business sector.

These dedicated professionals and social justice advocates support our work in numerous ways and help power the progress we fuel as a Foundation. 

We are so grateful for the contributions and tireless work of our Board Members John Manulis, Doe Mayer, Shana Weiss and Melinda Newman who are terming out this year. Their years of service underscore the commitment that runs throughout the Liberty Hill community and we will forever be thankful for their support. 

We also welcome our three newest Board Members, Julie Hermelin, Jennifer Ito, and Belen Vargas, who each bring with them a wealth of knowledge and energy that will serve us well as move into a new era of activism and progress that calls us to step up like never before. 

Learn more about our newest Board Members!