Economic & Housing Justice

Measure H and ULA Pass!

November 29, 2022
By Courtney Kassel

Liberty Hill is proud to announce that Pasadena Measure H and Measure United to House L.A. have passed! We are so grateful to each and every individual and organization that came together in support of United to House L.A. and Pasadena Measure H! These key progressive wins are big steps forward in making L.A. County a more just and equitable place for all.

Liberty Hill Foundation supported these ballot measures because they will provide critical funding, approximately $875 million over 10 years for Measure ULA, directly supporting those at risk of homelessness, including low-income seniors and people with disabilities. In Pasadena, Measure H will limit annual rent increases, and cap the amount that rent can be increased for tenants.

Our partners spent many days doing direct voter outreach, knocking on doors and building the power that led to these historic wins. Grassroots organizing works—and that’s why Liberty Hill Foundation always aims to support the efforts of people most affected by injustice.

The support of individuals, along with a broad coalition of Los Angeles and Pasadena community organizations, labor unions, community members, and grantee partners made these amazing victories possible.