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Oil Drilling Victory in Los Angeles!

December 16, 2022
By Raymond Jimenez

The Liberty Hill Community is proud to celebrate a major victory in Environmental Justice that brings us even closer to our Agenda for a Just Future goal of eliminating toxic neighborhood oil drilling!

On Friday, December 2nd, our partners in the STAND-L.A. coalition achieved a milestone victory when the L.A. City Council voted unanimously (12-0) to adopt the final ordinance to prohibit new oil and gas drilling and phase out all existing drilling throughout the entire city!

FY23 STAND LA Victory_B

This monumental victory was 10 years in the making and will bring long overdue relief to environmental justice neighborhoods that now host more than 2,000 active and idle wells.

It will also end L.A.’s historic role as a center of oil extraction, setting us on a new path towards renewable clean energy.

Liberty Hill is a founding member of the STAND-L.A. coalition, funding community organizations on the forefront of ending toxic neighborhood oil drilling.

The passage of this ordinance represents the culmination of years of community organizing, with the goal of addressing long-standing injustices to frontline communities and communities of color, which have been disproportionately affected by the health impacts of toxic drilling sites.

FY23 STAND LA Victory_A

This is truly a watershed moment and unprecedented policy victory in the largest urban oil field in the country. After many years of tireless organizing by our dedicated community partners, this victory is proof that investing in community-led solutions is the path to change.

Liberty Hill congratulates the tireless effort put forth by the entire STAND-L.A. coalition, and the support of many funding partners and allies, who worked together to make this victory possible.

We know there is still work ahead as we move forward. And Liberty Hill will continue to prioritize environmental justice, and fight for a safer, healthier, greener L.A. for all.

To learn more about our STAND-L.A. coalition partners and their environmental justice work, visit