LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Statement on Supreme Court Decision & Roe v. Wade

June 24, 2022
By Shane Murphy Goldsmith

Today our hearts and minds are with all those affected by, and reeling from, the news of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. We’re also sending love and support to our LGBTQIA friends, family and loved ones, whose fundamental rights have also been put in jeopardy by this decision. 

Liberty Hill was founded to support the fight for justice for those who have been disenfranchised and oppressed. Today, those ranks have swelled due to the Supreme Court’s decision to strip away the right of Americans to control their reproductive freedom.

This is a day we have been collectively dreading. And even so, this morning’s attack on basic human rights is still shocking and infuriating. And it’s left many Americans fearful of what the future holds.

This is a blow to women’s liberation. 
It is a threat to all people who can get pregnant. 
It explicitly threatens our rights to same-sex marriage and birth control. 

And it signals that this is just the beginning of the fight to ensure other rights we cherish are protected and advanced, not rolled back or curtailed. 

History and experience tell us that the consequences of this decision will fall most heavily on those who are already the most oppressed in our society—particularly low-income people of color who are frequently shut out of our democracy and cut off from resources and opportunities.

California health care providers expect the demand for safe and low-cost abortions in California to increase 3000% (that’s not a typo) as a result of this decision.

Liberty Hill stands with and supports organizations that serve the many different needs of women and nonbinary people and envisions a society in which all people have control over their reproductive health and their futures. 

Today, their work is more urgent than ever. 

That’s why we will continue to do all we can to support our community partners and leaders in this fight as they stand strong and serve their communities in this time of crisis. 

How You Can Help

We are committed to helping you support the many different needs women and nonbinary folks will face in this post-Roe reality. One of the most impactful things you can do in this moment is to donate and organize others to donate in support of organizations fighting for reproductive justice. 

We have released this helpful Reproductive Justice and Abortion Rights resource filled with organizations in California working to increase access to reproductive services for communities of color and as a sanctuary state, as well as organizations in other regions fighting for abortion access in states where it is most under threat. 

We also present clinics and healthcare agencies doing frontline medical care work—often under great personal threat—as well as advocacy and litigation organizations fighting legal battles.

Join us in offering your support and solidarity to these organizations fighting for reproductive justice here and across the country. 

Stay in the Fight

We will keep the Liberty Hill community informed of additional actions our grantees and partners recommend you can take to help win back reproductive freedom, send aid where it’s needed immediately, and continue the fight for our collective liberation.

Organizations across California are fighting to increase access to reproductive services for low-income communities of color. They need our support. 

This fight isn’t new to Liberty Hill, and we remain committed to leveraging the power of philanthropy to support social justice movements. 

We all have a role to play. Don’t despair. 

Get angry, get engaged, get organized, and let’s stay focused on the fight ahead. 

In Solidarity,

Shane Murphy Goldsmith
Liberty Hill Foundation