2021 Impact Report

Advancing Justice for All

2021 Victories


Our North Star

Build power in communities most impacted by systemic oppression to achieve justice and equity.

With the pandemic continuing to upend our norms in 2021, Liberty Hill and our partners began our journey on the road to what we call a “just reconstruction.” Our partners stepped up to the plate and kept their feet on the gas as we powered forward to victory in several critical areas. We made major progress on all of our strategic goals this year, including our Agenda for a Just Future and our efforts to end youth incarceration as we know it, fight to put a roof over every head, and eliminate toxic neighborhood oil drilling.

In partnership with activists and organizers throughout LA County, Liberty Hill contributed to the following victories:

End Youth Incarceration as we know it
  • Closed half of youth jails, and reduced youth incarceration and arrests by half
  • Passed Measure J and awarded $375K in grants for implementation
  • Won investment of $25 million for a new LA County Department of Youth Development, including plan to end youth probation and incarceration, as we know it
  • Closed Camp Scott, the only county probation camp for girls
Fight for a Roof Over Every Head
  • Provided outreach, education, and legal services to more than 400,000 tenants through the Stay Housed L.A. program.
  • Won Statewide Eviction Prevention laws to prevent homelessness during the pandemic
  • Passed Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance in the County and City of LA
  • Conducted tenant focus groups and produced report, resulting in stronger tenant protections and affordable housing policies within the City of LA
  • Launched new LA Community Land Trust pilot program to create new, permanent affordable housing governed by residents
  • Produced report for the City of Los Angeles Housing Element

Eliminate Neighborhood Oil Drilling
  • Won votes to begin phase-out of oil drilling in the County of Los Angeles (unincorporated areas), the City of Los Angeles, as well as Culver City
  • Implemented Clean Up, Green Up with pilot community-based trash program in Pacoima, Boyle Heights, and Wilmington
  • Established LA County Just-Transition Taskforce and Oil Well Remediation Jobs Program
  • Launched Climate Emergency Mobilization initiative with the City of LA to ensure that equity is included and advanced in all climate and energy policies

Investing in Organizing
  • Awarded more than $15M in grants focused on social change
  • Completed the largest ever Fund for Change (community organizing) and Liberty Vote! (electoral organizing) competitive grant cycles
  • Awarded two-year grants to 65 organizations, including five Native-led groups and 18 Rising Activist groups

Leadership Development
  • Provided training to more than 100 organizations and 271 individuals
  • Developed Rising Activist Training focused on strengthening emerging organizations in neighborhoods with limited nonprofit infrastructure
  • Trained more than 60 activists through our Commissions Training Program
  • Eight community activists appointed to County and City of Los Angeles Commissions
  • Hosted two Liberty Vote! workshops with over 50 attendees to strategize for upcoming election cycles

Expanding Our Home for Progressive Philanthropy
  • 1,300+ individual gifts to LHF
  • More than $2.5M in individual contributions
  • Doubled our base of individual donors
  • DAFs granted a total $8.7 million through 720 grants
  • DAFs increased 2021 giving to voting rights and voter mobilization efforts from $500,000 to $800,000

Foundation, Corporate & Government Partnerships
  • Secured more than $6M from foundations
  • Received revenue of more than $5M from government contacts
  • Launched $1.6M Essential Worker COVID Protection Program (Public Health Councils) with LA County Public Health Dept
  • Expanded public sector funding for Ready to Rise ($9.8M total over 3 years), Stay Housed L.A. ($3.85M over 2 years), and emPOWER ($3M over 3 years)
  • Raised more than $500K from corporate partners, including LA Dodgers, LA Rams, and LA Chargers

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