Priority: Racial Justice

Racial Justice
Student leaders gather for a convening in L.A. of student activists, elected officials and grassroots organizers to discuss racial justice goals.

Liberty Hill fights for racial justice in all its campaigns and programs.

We are proud of our founding mission to provide resources to those of us who are denied power—people of color, the poor, women, LGBTQ people, and others. These resources help communities organize and demand equality, a life with dignity, and respect. Liberty Hill also supports the necessary conversations that a new movement is inspiring about new strategies to dismantle racism in America. To further those conversations and strengthen that movement:

  • We bring individual philanthropists and foundation funders to invest in racial justice work in Los Angeles through educational events, pooled funds and giving circles.
  • We build alliances of young men of color and community organizations across L.A. to address conditions the young men face in their own environments (such as low graduation rates) through youth-led advocacy at school boards, city councils and the state house.
  • We provide training and funding to grassroots leaders addressing racial justice in the criminal justice system, voting, wages, access to jobs and housing, and LGBTQ equality work.
  • Liberty Hill is upping our game and putting more resources into creating change by supporting experimentation and action.

Racial Justice Stories

Dylan Gray

When Dylan Gray, now in his early 20s, was 13, his family’s life “was crumbling around us.” He became a youth leader in Liberty Hill's Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, praised in person by President Barack Obama for successful community organizing work.