Giving Circles

Your dollars go further when you're part of a giving circle.


Giving Circles are self-directed groups of individuals and philanthropic partners who pool their donations to make a greater impact on the issues they care about.

Liberty Hill's Giving Circles provide members with an opportunity for hands-on community activism and collective strategic philanthropy.

Grants awarded via Giving Circles are typically larger than what individuals could make alone, thus creating a greater impact in the communities they seek to support.

Giving Circles are an optimal philanthropic vehicle for donors who wish to:

  • Collaborate with others to research and target opportunities grantmaking
  • Leverage gifts for greater impact
  • Learn to be effective, strategic philanthropists and grantmakers
  • Connect with other donors in a broader community
  • Become a part of Liberty Hill's social justice network
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The Vision Behind Susan’s Circle

David White, Donor Activist

Every year we pick an issue facing the Black community and we research which groups are effectively supporting our community on this particular issue. It’s so empowering to be able to select and support these groups through our giving circle.
Anne Marie Jones
Angelenos for L.A. Giving Circle

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Liberty Hill advises all of the Giving Circles and provides management and grantmaking advice to help these groups make the best decisions for them.

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