2023 Impact Report

Putting A Passion For Justice Into Action

Giving Circles


NextGen Giving Circle

The NextGen Giving Circle was formed this past year and is focused on engaging donor activists between the ages of 25 to 45. Their goal is to promote social change through collective support of nonprofit organizations that center the perspectives of marginalized communities and are positioned to transform the systems that impact them. This year their members hosted a variety of events exploring everything from how reproductive, environmental, and housing justice affect fellow Angelenos, to how the philanthropic community can support frontline movements. In their very first grant cycle they raised and distributed $35,000 this year!

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Giving Circles

Nurturing A New Generation of Donor Activists

From an early age, Donor Activist Ernesto Arias had a passion for social justice and making a difference in his community. Born and raised in South Central L.A., Ernesto grew up seeing the effects of racial and economic injustice firsthand. Today, he uses the experiences from his upbringing to guide his philanthropic giving—supporting social causes near and dear to his heart.

Ernesto’s philanthropic journey began with Liberty Hill. After many years of participating in his neighborhood council and volunteering for local initiatives, Ernesto wanted to make a difference by supporting social change through giving.

Through joining Liberty Hill’s NextGen Giving Circle, Ernesto found a community of like-minded donor activists that support nonprofit organizations that center the perspectives of marginalized communities in their work. Now Ernesto looks forward to continuing his giving and donor activism through the NextGen Giving Circle, supporting the circle’s work to support social justice causes in Los Angeles.

Having a group like the NextGen Giving Circle—where we can come together, focus on different issues, and evaluate those issues to really make informed decisions about where we’re investing our money—it’s an opportunity I really couldn’t pass up on.
Ernesto Arias
Donor Activist

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering commitment of Liberty Hill’s longtime donor activists and funding partners and the many individuals and organizations that began new partnerships with Liberty Hill during this critical moment in history.

Together, we are bending the Arc towards justice.

Donors who made gifts in FY23 between 10/1/22 and 9/30/23 are listed below.

Circle of Change Fund

Wendy Chang (Co-Chair) &

David Solin Lee

Sally Lew (Co-Chair)

Cathy Choi

Jon Christensen & Ursula K. Heise

Grace Lee

Grant Lee

Stephanie M. Lomibao

Weston Milliken, Ph.D.

Rick Noguchi

A. Sparks

Millie Yamaki

*1 Anonymous Donor

Environment + Justice Donor Circle

Jon Christensen (Co-Chair) &

Ursula K. Heise

Dominique Tan (Co-Chair)

Michele Asselin

Miriam Bar-Zemer

Nicole Barajas

Celia Bernstein, Brad Kesden &

Lena Kesden

Stephanie & Harold Bronson

Colleen Callahan

Sofia Chang

Barbara Cohn

Gabrielle Crowe

Glen Dake

Renee Dake Wilson

Lisa Friedman

Kay Gilbert

Catherine Gudis

Adam Gunther

Sean Hecht

Brett Heeger

Jon Hicks

Beth Kent

Katharine King

Paula Litt

Loraine Lundquist

Cassandra & Garo Manjikian

Daniel Melling

Beth Meltzer

Julia Meltzer & David Thorne

Jane Paul

Michele Prichard

Molly Rysman

Kirsten Schaffer

Grant Sunderland &

Katherine Vaughters

Allison Thomas

Sam J. Vinal

NextGen Giving Circle

Andrew Bartholomew (Co-Chair) &

Siena Aguayo

Jennifer Williams (Co-Chair)

Ernesto Arias

Greer Bronson

Jon Christensen & Ursula K. Heise

Glen Dake

Nicholas Litt

Grant Sunderland &

Katherine Vaughters

Dominique Tan

Sam J. Vinal

OUT Fund Donors

Wendy Chang (Tri-Chair)

Bill McDermott (Tri-Chair)

Rachel Roth (Tri-Chair)

Celia Bernstein, Brad Kesden &

Lena Kesden

Sheri Bonstelle

Diana Buckhantz

Jon Christensen

Jennifer Dawson

Sophie A. Fanelli

Jennifer Gregg

Grant Lee

Weston Milliken, Ph.D.

Paul Moore

Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation

Bradford Pollard

Robert M. Saltzman

Woody Sides

A. Sparks

Tony Valenzuela

Matty & Andrew Wilder

Pobladores Fund Members

Teresa Cisneros Burton &

Sean Burton

Susan Genco & Mitch Kamin

Julie Hermelin

Beatrice Hsu & Andrew Glazier

Andrea & David Nevins

Amy Elaine Wakeland &

Eric Garcetti

Shana Weiss & John Silva

Abby Wolf-Weiss & Daniel Weiss

X Fund Executive Committee

Susan Genco (Co-Chair)

Julie Hermelin (Co-Chair)

Teresa Cisneros Burton

Tracy Gray

Andrea Nevins

Meiko Takayama

Sarah Vaill

Amy Elaine Wakeland

Shana Weiss