Racial Justice

Liberty Hill fights for racial justice in all its campaigns and programs.


Transformative Justice at Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill was founded on the principle that we cannot wait for change to come to us. We support the evolution of a new movement for racial justice that seeks to dismantle systemic racism and traditional systems of harm in America. To strengthen that movement racial justice is embedded in the core principles of our work.

Investing in Progress

We bring together individual donors and foundation funders to invest in racial justice work through educational events, pooled funds and giving circles.

Building Alliances

We build alliances of youth of color and community organizations to address conditions they face in their own environments through youth-led advocacy.

Grassroots Training

We provide training and funding to grassroots leaders addressing racial justice in the criminal justice system, voting, wages, access to jobs and housing, and LGBTQ equality work.


Our Racial Justice Work

The Agenda for A Just Future

The Agenda for a Just Future is a five-year campaign that seeks to tackle three of our region's most pressing social issues—youth incarceration, the housing crisis and toxic neighborhood oil drilling—through a lens of racial and social justice.

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Youth & Transformative Justice

Our Youth & Transformative Justice program seeks to shift power from punishment systems to people impacted by mass criminalization, dismantle these systems and work toward reimagined approaches to justice that invest in communities rather than prisons and surveillance.

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Economic & Housing Justice

Liberty Hill supports organizing that builds prosperous communities through living wages, worker protections, and fair housing for all.

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LGBTQ & Gender Justice

Liberty Hill supports community-based organizing by LGBTQ leaders and is also empowering a new generation of activists who are leading movements for gender equality in Los Angeles and everywhere.

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Environmental & Climate Justice

For Liberty Hill, environmental justice is a cornerstone of social justice. Disadvantaged communities of color are at the greatest risk from all forms of environmental racism. We are committed to the fight for a safer, healthier, greener L.A.

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Electoral Power Building

We believe the people most affected by injustice should be leading the fight for change—from the protest march to the ballot box. Our Liberty Vote! program supports organizations that engage in electoral organizing, advocacy, and other civic engagement strategies in L.A. County.

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Our Impact

our participatory grantmaking process centers racial justice.
a diverse Community Funding Board of nearly 80% people of color.
grants to organizations led by women and people of color.

Grassroots Groups We Support

Ensure Equity & Justice for All

Racial Justice is core to our work to make L.A. a more just and equitable place. Join the movement today!