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     Not Charity.

    We are community organizers, donor activists and allies organizing people and organizing money to create a better Los Angeles.

  • Fly Right, California.

    Learn more about the grassroots work done by community organizers to implement criminal justice reform.

Latest Blog Post

  • Dean Hansell: Looking for Justice

    In his new job, people address him as “Your Honor.” The description of his old job—“complex litigation”—pretty much stops most of us in our small-talk tracks (“So, uh, is that fun?”).

Latest Newsletter

  • Fly Right, California

    Newsletter - October 2016

    This year, Liberty Hill is investing $1.1 million in L.A. County communities to strengthen and sustain strong organizing groups, seed new and emerging organizations, and fund election-year youth voter engagement.

Story Gallery

  • Roslyn Broadnax

    It wasn't until she was 29 that Roslyn Broadnax learned she had a learning disability. As a student in South Los Angeles, she'd been passed from grade to grade, eventually graduating high school without the ability even to fill out a job application.

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