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  • It’s officially Spring and with the change in season comes a renewed focus on our mission and our partners fighting on the frontlines for social change
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    MARCH 2021





    Spring Into Action With Liberty Hill

    It’s officially Spring and with the change in season comes a renewed focus on our mission and our partners fighting on the frontlines for social change. It’s also Upton Sinclair Event Season and we are so excited to be hosting our first ever Upton Sinclair Virtual Event this year. Read on to learn more about some new programs and how you can support our work!
    In this issue: 1) Breaking News from the Frontlines - Upton Sinclair Event Goes Virtual for 2021! 2) Programs in Focus - emPOWERing Environmental Justice in Los Angeles, 3) Donor Activist Spotlight - Sam Ho: Bending the Arc Towards Justice 
    Breaking News from the Frontlines
    2021 Upton Sinclair Virtual Event

    Upton Sinclair Event Goes Virtual for 2021!

    Through a global pandemic that threatened both lives and livelihoods, and a national uprising for racial justice that challenged and ultimately changed hearts, minds, and laws—the fight for social justice has continued. Join us as we celebrate the leaders and visionaries fighting to ensure the March to Progress Continues at our 2021 Upton Sinclair Virtual Event!
    Every Spring, Liberty Hill’s supporters and beloved community members come together at our annual Upton Sinclair Awards Dinner to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the activists and organizers leading the fights for change here in Los Angeles. 
    For more than 20 years, this lively event has shined a light on the efforts of dozens of local changemakers and honored the work and contributions of icons such as the late Congressman John Lewis, The Honorable Eric H. Holder, Activist Jane Fonda, and a long list of other luminaries. 
    This year’s virtual event will also bring progressive leaders, community organizers, donor activists and area changemakers together for a celebration of the dynamic visionaries who are paving the way for social justice progress in Los Angeles and beyond. 
    Programs in Focus
    emPOWERing Environmental Justice in Los Angeles

    emPOWERing Environmental Justice in Los Angeles 

    Los Angeles is at the heart of a changing environmental future. Environmental justice and equity are at the center of this future: righting past wrongs and supporting communities committed to equal access to the benefits of a better environment. 
    The emPOWER program connects low-income residents to money and energy saving programs, including ratepayer incentives, energy efficiency upgrades, solar and clean vehicle rebates, and much more!
    The Liberty Hill Environment + Justice Donor Circle brings together a lively community of donor-activists interested in the intersection of the environment and social and economic justice. The circle provides a way for donors to learn about and invest in the leaders and organizations creating a better future here in L.A. The circle also discovers and brings new ideas, strategies, and emerging leaders to Liberty Hill’s attention for broader and deeper investments in what comes next for building power for healthy environment and communities.
    Donor Activist Spotlight
    Sam Ho: Bending the Arc Towards Justice

    Sam Ho: Bending the Arc Towards Justice 

    Donor Activist Dr. Sam Ho has been committed to social justice for more than six decades. Growing up in Hawaii, his activism started when he was just a youth protesting against atomic bomb testing in the South Pacific. His passion for justice ignited, Dr. Ho increased his engagement in actions against the Vietnam War and in support of the burgeoning Civil Rights and Gender Equality Movements of the 1960s. 
    Dr. Ho has been a dedicated supporter for more than 25 years now. One of his major focus areas is around our Agenda for A Just Future and the fight to end youth incarceration as we know it and invest in youth development, fight for a roof over every head, and eliminate toxic neighborhood oil drilling. He has continued to advocate for increased support and outreach to keep the needle of progress moving on these critical issues. 
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